Living the Volunteer Spirit.  Being a member of GFWC you will be a part of a larger organization of sisterhood.  GFWC is one of the world’s largest and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, women’s volunteer organizations.  We  create change nationally and internationally through our local actions. That said we have clubs in all 50 state and 15 countries.   GFWC is made up of mothers, daughters, sisters all working to better their communities education, safety, health and over all well-being through grassroot actions.

Our membership is open to all who are interested in making a difference and making friends too.  We  have an annual memberhsip meeting in October each year however we  welcome guests at each meeting and new members throughout the year.  Membership is $25 per year.

We have social events such as a Book club, a walking group, dinner and drinks, evening of Bunco, golfers and opporunties for skiing, hiking, kayaking, and more.

Visit a meeting:  2nd Thursday of the month (between September and June) 7pm at the Greenland Vets Hall located at  575 Portsmouth Ave, Greenland, NH 03840.

Questions or comments you can reach us via email at:

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 151, Greenland, NH 03840

We look forward to meeting you!

Click here to see our members in action.