2017 Scholarship Recipients

Gabrielle pic 1

Gabrielle M.  to study psychology and neuroscience at Ohio State.  In addition to her outstanding academics Gabrielle is committed to her  community and understands the difference you can make in the lives of others through volunteering.

kevin 2.png

Kevin M.  Will be attending Worcester Polytechnic to study engineering and astrophysics.   Kevin has a commitment to personal excellence, as well as community service; He manages to balance the demands of athletics and academics.





Homes for Birds & Families

seacoast family promise fundraiser redhook Support the SEACOAST FAMILY PROMISE:  FUNDRAISER:    Thursday. June 1st. 5:30 -8:00 “Homes for All” Birdhouse Auction at RedHook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH

Whose mission is “to empower families with children experiencing homelessness to achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.”  To learn more about Seacoast Family Promise visit their website Click here