Citizen of the Year

Who do you know is an…

Outstanding Greenland Citizen?  

There are many amazing people with equally amazing stories here in our small town.  

Tell us their story and they may be awarded Citizen of the Year.  

The GFWC- Greenland Women’s Club is soliciting nominations for the Citizen of the Year Award, which will be presented at the first Summer Concert, in June, at the band stand located on Post Rd.

Nominations must be submitted in writing, and should contain detailed information about the nominee’s contributions to the community either during the past year or over a longer period of time.

All nominations must be signed and mailed to

  • the Greenland Women’s Club, PO Box151, Greenland, NH 03840

  • postmarked by April 1/ extended to September 30, 2020.

Questions may be directed to

Recent recipients include:
          Barbara Wilson (2019)
          Walter Lang (2018)
          Anne Beauchemin (2017)
          Paul Hughes (2016)
          Kathy Rugg (2015)
          Sheila Pratt (2014)
          Ralph Cresta (2013)
          Donna Lee Lewis (2012)
          Richie & Barbie Hazzard (2011)
          Bob Krasko (2010)
  • There are no specific criteria on which nominees will be judged, since there are many ways in which one can contribute to their community. 
  • Past recipients have been selected for a single significant accomplishment, or for cumulative contributions over a period of years.

Submitted by: Barbara Fleming, Treasurer – GFWC Greenland

2019 Barbara Wilson
2018 Walter Lang
2017 Anne Beauchemin
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