Candidates Night March 8, 7pm

An information gathering opportunity for  voters of Greenland.

The evening will be facilitated by Heather Greenwood of the GFWC – Greenland Women’s Club. For questions regarding the event please call 436-8779.

March 8 at 7 p.m. at the Greenland Central School.

Candidates for contested races have been invited to attend and present their background and qualifications, followed by a session during which residents may ask questions.   There are three candidates vying for two seats as Selectman: Frank Catapano, Robert “Chip” Hussey and Chester Deorocki. Two candidates are running for a single seat on the Planning Board: Stu Gerome and Stephen Gerrato. Four candidates are running for three seats on the Budget Committee: Stephen Gerrato, Donald Miller, Stephen McKenzie and Elizabeth “Tibby” Fogarty Cail. Three candidates are running for two seats on the School Board: Maria Emory, Alyson Baryiames and Leonard Schwab.

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